Empty "Another time, another place"
copyright Mark A. Lowery 1999

A new butterfly's wings beat swiftly,
as it breaks from the cocoon
      in the early dawn-

The pounding against the cocoon,
      indeed even the crack of the shell,
rebounds within a sliver of time,
      a small slice of a new reality-

The world seems asleep,
      while creatures abound,
some asleep, some not
      quietly none take notice of the butterfly-

A whisper of wind
      greets this newcomer to life,
a new beginning,
      a frontier to explore-

On this day,
      no ear to hear, no eye to behold,
like an unseen rainbow
      its sudden splendor seems wasted-

But as it takes wing
      upon the wind,
the world is born again through
      the butterfly’s splendor-

It knows naught
      from whence it came,
or to where it shall return
      when its journey is at an end-

But upon the wind,
      in this time, in this place,
the power of its wings
      radiates for all to enjoy-

The wind carries the butterfly
      to and fro,
from here to there,
      a new frontier being explored-

So like before, and in the future,
      in another time, in another place,
Nature’s power and magic
      is there to spellbound-

I take my leave now,
      from this tale,
to go in search of a new butterfly-
      in another time, in another place.


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